Writing Poetry for Beginners: Write Poems with Confidence

Are you a person interested in writing? More specifically, are you someone who would like to write poetry? If you have an interest or passion for writing poetry, the one thing I ask of you to keep in mind is there is no one formula to do it.

Yes! There are certain literary rules that, as writers, we are expected to follow. However, some of the bravest writers find creative ways to step outside the box and take their writing potential to the next level. Whichever direction your thoughts may lead you, at the end of the day love and appreciate your work of art.

Learn more about what a poem ‘is‘ by watching the video below, before continuing to read this post!

Do I need experience to begin writing poetry?

Writing poetry has no barriers on who can and who can’t. If you have a creative mind that designs poetry through writing, you are defined as a poet. If you’re unsure about what you write:

  • Read other writers and their works
  • Share your work and ask for reviews
  • Track metrics on who reads your writing online

Perhaps the poem you wrote that gains the most attention, you can make that style of poetry writing your starting point. At the very least, you will already be working towards a style you’ll eventually master.

Which form of poetry should I start to master?

It’s a personal preference of the writer to express thoughts in written form. Some add their own creative style or follow the ones already recognized by Educators, Librarians, Teachers, Professors, Intellectuals, and average readers. The impressive writers reach a level of greatness by consistently writing.

Learn about how to get started writing poetry from author Maggie Hamand by watching this video!

Writing poetry is an open field as the mind wanders around connecting words, forming a personal attachment when there is no audience. For an introvert, writing poetry may be an easy task. Poetry allows a writer to open up, expressing inner thoughts, feelings, and even ideas. It triggers emotions in a way that makes it personal for a reader. Creating a voice that gives hope in others and inspiration!

A few things to know as a beginner poet

On average there’s approximately 30-100 poems in a recognized collection of poetry. That means poets can compose a wide variety of works in their lifetimes. For example, your writing may be funny when jovial. Or sad when feeling gloomy.

The best masterpieces are written and then rewritten and rewritten again. The first draft is usually just a blue print that establishes the foundation. A foundation that most of the time is describing a particular mood the writer is in at that very moment the pen hits the paper.

Punctuation is not necessary in every poem but it does help readers understand the flow and direction of a poem. I say that because some readers get lost in written work due to its word context. A play on words can mean one thing in the mind of a writer, and something
totally different in the mind of a reader. I say just have fun with it!

When writing poetry, I say just have fun and put that pen to paper!

Troy’s recommendation for beginner poets

A good starting point for writing poetry would be the following two forms: Haiku and Free Verse. According to Merriam-Webster, a ‘Haiku’ is an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually of five, seven, and five syllables. A ‘Free Verse’, meter is irregular or rhythm is not metrical.

Learn more about these forms of poetry by visiting these websites:

Want help creating a writing process?

Learn from Daniel Tysdal about his writing process, and some of the unexpected positive consequences of doing so!

I hope this article was helpful to you and good luck on your writing journey. If you want to see a published collection of poetry, my anthology “Social Climax” is a collection of poems I have written over a span of 17 years.

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