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About the Anthology

The poetry anthology “Social Climax” by Troy Legette is a culmination of 17 years of life experience that invites readers to explore thoughts, feelings, life experiences, love, imagination, and friendship. The words are illustrated into a mental picture humbly delivered to every reader with a purpose of speaking the thoughts wished spoken, feelings long felt, and experiences ever imagined.

The book cover of Social Climax, with a cup of coffee, ink pen, and the book open with a bookmark.
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While thought provoking, I thought the poetry was easy to lose myself in. For me, that’s the best thing about any piece of art.

C.P. Bialois, from a review of “Social Climax” on Goodreads

Book Reviews and Purchasing

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The first published collection of poetry by Troy Legette, an anthology of poems that stands as an excellent read for all people of all ages. Below here is a video reading from the book!

Troy Legette from a book signing events in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Radio Appearance for Social Climax

Take a listen to a fun radio interview done with Troy Legette, where he dives into a few selections from “Social Climax”, and even talks about how over 17 years of life experience culminated into this collection of poems, suitable for every walk of life!

Radio interview with “The Pete O’Shea Show”, featuring Troy Legette!

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