Who is Troy Legette?

Troy Legette is one crafty poet and writer. His personal tribute is enveloped as an anthology geared toward influencing and inspiring others. Walking down the halls that lead to this door allows many to enter a personal realm only few know and many admire.

He focuses on mastering the art and craft of creating interesting characters. He’s an actor, poet, hip hop recording artist, songwriter, screenwriter, barber, photographer, and accountant.

About Troy Legette’s Book, “Social Climax”

Troy Legette is a self-published author of “Social Climax”, a personal anthology. It expresses a journey of a comprised literary collection of poetry that exposes thought, feeling, life experiences, love, imagination, and friendship. The words are illustrated into a mental picture humbly delivered to every reader with a purpose of speaking the thoughts wished spoken, feelings long felt, and experiences ever imagined. The open mind will find privilege, appreciation, and autonomy.

Troy Legette presenting his poetry book, "Social Climax", at an art meetup.

Troy’s Journey to Becoming an Author

Below is an interview recording done with local Tampa Bay radio show “The Pete O’Shea Show”, where Pete O’Shea discusses Social Climax and asks questions about how Troy Legette’s book came to fruition. Listen below!

Taking songwriting into poetry, and using the expression of words to ponder life’s experiences and the moments that make us who we are; this is how Troy Legette’s collection of poems over a span of nearly 17 years culminates into one publication.

Buy his poetry book, “Social Climax”, by clicking here. This page contains links to multiple ways to purchase, and describes the book!

The author has a rather unique style – many of the poems in this collection are comprised of a rather dense language…it is in these poems that one really gets a feel of [Troy] Legette’s journey of healing and development of a very personal faith, and they are therefore more accessible and successful.

Judge – 24th Annual WRITER’S DIGEST Self-Published Book Awards